Algal bloom in Lake Burley Griffin, Canberra, Australia
Tortoise crossing the road
Water dragon and ibis visit cafe, Brisbane, Queensland
Wind turbines by Lake George NSW
Canola field, NSW, Australia

Welcome to Ecospiritlife

Ecospirit – the reconciling of ecology with spirituality
Ecospiritlife – how ecospirituality affects all life on earth

Welcome to Ecospiritlife.

Ecospiritlife explores the reconciliation of the science of ecology with theology using the art of photography and commentary. God’s creation includes the earth and all life forms. Humans are a part of God’s creation along with animals, plants, fungi and even bacteria and micro-organisms. Everything that humans do has an impact on other species who share this planet with us. We are dependent on other species for all of our food and a huge range of services such as pollination, water purification and erosion control. Humans are linked to all of creation and God gave us responsibility to care for it. It is an arrogance when we cause a species that God has created to become extinct and expect no consequences – as if God does not notice.

Ecospiritlife aims to connect with:

  • people who do not normally think of spirituality or the Bible such as, scientists, environmentalists and nature lovers and to demonstrate that faith can be thoughtful and vigorous in our modern technological world.
  • people of faith who may find scientific ideas a challenge and to demonstrate that science can deepen the search for truth and can compliment faith.

You are invited to join the discussion and commentary.

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About the founder of this site, Margaret Kalms.

I had a zoologist father and a botanist mother, neither could reconcile science and faith and they regarded faith in God as a irrational. My school was close enough for me to walk each day and I often walked through a bush reserve near my childhood home. These walks gave me a deep sense of nature being fully alive and a deep source of inspiration and peace. The peace I feel as the peace of God and I have immense respect for the enormity and detail of creation.

As an adult I studied photography and ecology. It is with joy I use my skills to explore ideas and express my faith in God. My nature art photography is a personal journey and there may be many people who do not agree with my experience. But this ecotheology photography is how I have “joined the dots” to explain how the world operates.

I believe that God speaks to each of us in a unique way through the Bible. When each person, each culture, each generation incorporates the Bible into their experience, the Bible becomes more than a historic document, it becomes the living word of God.

Margaret Kalms